This feels unconstitutional...freedom of speech and unlawful incarceration. Seriously...wtaf.

Content of thread:

"I have a friend I met when I lived in the honor dorm in prison. She’s a “model inmate”, no write ups, captain’s clerk kind of gal, a lifer. She was found suitable for parole recently. She also voiced concerns about the implementation of the gender self ID policy in a 602-the inmate appeals process that allows inmates to question policy when it adversely affects their welfare: A transfer under SB132 walked in on her in the restroom a few times-it bothered her. Her 602 stated that and was met with removal from the honor dorm after at least 2 decades of living there write up free, to administrative segregation-the hole.

"She was released to another yard-with 2 write ups: harassment and falsifying a report. One was dropped. One stuck. There are 4 days left for her write up to be reheard or to be dropped. 4 days for her parole suitability to be saved. 4 days of living in the lowest level of purgatory knowing she cannot even use the proper avenues to voice a concern about her own physical safety and mental health. This was the ultimate silencing tool. This was the death blow to what little hope these women were holding onto. No one will speak up now.

"I physically felt a huge hand over my mouth and another around my throat when I heard this happened. I have no ideas left and no more connections or favors to call in so I’m here on my knees begging anyone with a connection to the governor’s office to please message me. All it takes is a phone call to that office and for them to know someone cares about this woman. Please do not let them erase these women. If you can’t relate let me tell you something-she is you. You are her. You have no idea what tomorrow holds or if you’ll end up there one day and to allow this to happen is contributing to your own erasure. Please help me."

If you know of a way to help the woman in question, get in touch with her via the tweet. Her @ is @ichinita310.

Apparently her Twitter says the inmate is ready to go public. When this happens we all have to write immediately to the governor's office and do what we can. They need to know - even in California, or especially in California - that this is illegal and opens females to sexual assault by males.