Signed.Thank you for sharing! I just can’t wrap my head around wtf these Freedom Fund clowns were thinking. WHY? They claim that they spoke with Adan and felt there was no cause for concern. Well did they speak with his victim?!

Why tf would they focus on bailing out domestic offenders of all things and not people with non-violent records for minor drug offenses or something?

Even if he had some BS alleged “letter of community support” and was listed as a provider for small children, ANY kind of domestic violence offender, who has already been deemed ineligible for bail release, should raise massive red flags.

He ripped his GPS tracker off when he was released previously and was going to her house to kill her when he was arrested the second time! Anyone could see how dangerous he was! This poor woman must’ve been terrified in her final moments. She must’ve been terrified he would hurt her children too.

It’s enraging that Rachael Abraham could still be safe and alive with her children right now, but these idiots directly contributed to her brutal, senseless death!! And NO domestic offenders should ever be able to get bail, from a fund or their own pockets! That never, ever should’ve been allowed, even if someone was willing to pay and vouch for him.