From the “What are we here for?” file. Excerpt from TheCollegeFix, link to full piece below.

‘The conflict between truth and social justice is likely to become unmanageable’

Renowned social psychologist Jonathan Haidt wrote that he plans to resign from his major professional association, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, because he believes the DEI and anti-racism commitments it requires of its members are in conflict with his sacred duty, as a teacher and scholar, to educate and tell the truth.

Haidt has said that he believes that the “telos” of the university is truth. “Telos” is a Greek word that means “the end, goal, or purpose for which an act is done, or at which a professor or institution aims,” the New York University professor wrote in a September 20 essay for Heterodox: The Blog.

“The telos of a knife is to cut, the telos of medicine is to heal, and the telos of a university is truth,” he wrote in the blog post.

“Universities can have many goals…and many values (such as social justice, national service, or Christian humility), but they can have only one telos, because a telos is like a North Star,” Haidt wrote. “It is the end, purpose, or goal around which the institution is structured.”