This is the "kid" that was maced... He's 27. TRAs are saying that the evil terfs maced 14 year old kids. How anyone could think this 27 year old bloke is a kid is beyond me.

I was wondering if legal action would be taken against the violent piece of shit unhinged men who hurt her.


this makes me so angry. i wish i had the money to donate. i can't use my left hand to its full capacity due to bone issues and i know how difficult it is. your whole life changes when you don't have use of something you once took for granted and you become more wary in public due to staying out of peoples way so they don't accidentally harm you. unfortunately it WAS the public who harmed our sister. wrist and hand issues are no joke.

I wish I could contribute without entering my address. I don’t mind using my name, but giving my full address (not just zip code) to a site I’ve never seen before feels unsafe.

April is using Stripe, same as us, and the way it works is all that credit card info goes to Stripe. It’s Stripe’s website that collects that.

I can't get the shopping cart to load. The site works until I click the 'donate' button on the donate page.