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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I have submitted my comment. I tweaked yours a bit to make it my own, including adding this:

Sex segregated spaces exist for the protection of females. Forcing girls to share these spaces with males puts them at risk. This is not to say that all males are definitely going to harm girls; this is about reducing the potential for harm. Studies show that unisex restrooms and changing rooms result in an increase of sexual harassment, including peeping, groping, and hidden recording devices. Please do not subject our girls to this.

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Did you send anonymously? I sent an email to WoLF whether they know if anonymous comments are accepted. (I live in a very Woke state and I don't often put my GC views to my name.)

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I like what you wrote. We're told not to question someone's "gender soul," and that self-ID is all that they need, no gatekeeping... but if that is the case how are we to know the "real" transwomen from the predatory males doing their predatory male thing? It pisses me off so much that they're allowed to have this Pollyanna view of the world when we're asked to give up our sex-based protections, and "tRaNsPhObiC" for asking, you know, about reasonable things.

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🚨🚨🚨 URGENT: The U.S. Dept of Ed is taking comments for the next 3 days 1 day only (through 6/11), re implementation of "anti-discrimination" policies based on gender identity, pursuant to E.O. 13988. Email T9PublicHearing@ed.gov. PLEASE RETWEET, this is critical!

Text of E. O. 13988

PRESS RELEASE for Virtual Public Hearing.

More info from this Tweet:

Written comments must be received at <T9PublicHearing@ed.gov> by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on June 11, 2021, and include the subject line “Written Comment: Title IX Public Hearing (topic of the comment).”

email them at: <T9PublicHearing@ed.gov>

This is cold bureaucratic stuff, so IMHO it's better to frame arguments in an analytical way. State facts briefly. Good to keep the comment to a reasonable length.

➡️ sample letter to use/adjust

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My draft:

I am writing in oppostion to the proposed changes in Title IX policies that would elevate gender identity over sex-based legal protections, therefore giving natal males access to female only spaces (restrooms/changing rooms), or the creation of unisex/shared restroomr/changing spaces, upon statement of a "gender identity" differing from one's biological sex.

Girls' sports should remain available to biological females only, in the interest of safety and fairness. Males that have gone through male puberty have an unfair advantage over biological females, regardless of testosterone levels.

The review article Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage, published last month, gives this information: "[T]he performance gap between males and females becomes significant at puberty and often amounts to 10–50% depending on sport." They show that testosterone suppression reduces this advantage very minimally (~ 5%), and that transgender women retain a definite male pubertal advantage. Inclusivity is not admirable when the methods for gaining it are fundamentally unfair to athletes because they were born female.

Likewise, the end goal of inclusivity does not justify the means, if in doing so girls/women are denied access to private restrooms/changing areas separate from people born in male bodies. We teach our daughters to trust their instincts if something makes them uncomfortable, because it is a skill women learn as a means of survival, yet here we are teaching them to subvert their need for fairness, safety, and dignity, for the comfort of others. If girls are from faith traditions where it is not acceptable for females to share private spaces with male-bodied people outside of their families, is it not a violation of their freedom to exercise their religion without government interference?

The paucity of examples showing concern about the inclusion of transmen in male sports, or in male restrooms/changing rooms, speaks volumes on the undeniable need to uphold same-sex protections as they are observed in Title IX.

I strongly urge the Department of Education to respect the rights of girls/women to fair sporting, and private spaces for females; while seeking ways to end discrimination against individuals who not conform to sex-based stereotypes.

Thank you.

(I have some concern about having my name on anything put into public record on this, it feels cowardly/paranoid. I expect they want our names on comments, but I don't see anything that explains their requirements.)