Donated, thank you.

I just wrote that women vote, and then I made a list of a bunch of stuff I won't vote for, like males being housed in women's prisons, or lack of child safeguarding, or subjective "gender identities" being forced on everyone so that the entire world has to pretend they're real, etc. '

I have the donate screen pulled up — but am struggling to make my thoughts concise for the message. What do y'all think are the most important things to stress — especially for Republican reps/senators?

especially for Republican reps/senators?

Women vote overwhelmingly Democrat, so I see a LOT of "you reap what you sow" commentary online around the "trans" issue.

I question if Republicans in Congress would bother with any women's issues because they know women will keep voting Democrat regardless. Which shocks me really -- I mean Day One Biden signs an EO erasing women, and most all the women I know doubled down with their vows to vote Democrat now and forevermore. When I said "I'm walking away...." they all bit my head off, "What, and let Republicans take away abortion?"

If Republicans would let go of their abortion obsession and stand up for women's rights, they would clean up.

Hell, if Democrats would stand up for women's rights! But they have seen they could turn completely on their base and still win in landslides, so neither party cares about women and apparently doesn't have to.

Sorry to be such a downer. After seeing those Republicans holding up the trans flag recently, I see the writing on the wall. BOTH parties are going full TWAW.

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Women vote. And the emperor has no clothes - everyone knows that men can never become women.

And the Congress members should read the book themselves, instead of having their staffers filter what they hear (which is apparently what Boris Johnson's staff has been doing in the UK).

I just finished reading the book, and it's a nice, short (120 page) punchy treatment, with stories from 2021 emphasized. I think it's a perfect gift for our congresspersons! I will be donating to this initiative!