Welcome all! And our heartfelt and eternal thanks to all the brilliant people who came together to help make this a reality! And ALL THE MOST THANKS to the amazing u/girl_undone, who has steered the ship from the very first.

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Thank you for inviting us to Ovarit! I'm surprised at what was built in just a few short weeks and looking forward to the community becoming even more active.

Thanks so much for the invite and for creating this space! I was never a frequent poster on r/gendercritical, but was a long time subscriber (when I first subscribed the sub had fewer than 5000 members!),and up until the ban I visited each and every day to read articles and add my upvotes. I have missed you all!

Isn’t it nice to see everyone again? I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get over the rage from the bans, but this sure helps!

I was infuriated by the ban(s), I still am... I don't think I'll ever 100% get over it just due to how unfair it was. r/GC was one of the most strictly modded subs in the entirety of reddit and never broke a rule. It just goes to show you how much #RedditHatesWomen, and also how much #RedditLovesGirlDick.

The future is female after all! ♀

I think this is part of the cause of the current tidal wave of misogyny. As physical muscle becomes less and less important I suspect it will gradually become clear that actually women are better than men at many - most? - modern roles...

To say that I'm thrilled would be an understatement!! Thank you for your hard work. We finally have a safe place away from ReddiCK.

We are so thankful and so grateful to the amazing and indomitable Women who have worked in their spare time to build this platform for us. 💕

Wonderful! Does anyone know if there a certain level you need to be at to generate invite codes, or how does that work?

Right now you need to be level 7- 500 points. We may move it down or up over time, hopefully we can distribute the invite burden that way.

Thank you for all the work you've done to give us our community back!

Thank you for all the work everyone has done since they ramped up censoring of women, on other platforms that need not be mentioned anymore.

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