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It's almost laughable how obvious Reddit is with despising women.

Every sub that was previously only for women is either deleted or forced to conform to including everyone. But NSFW subs (especially abuse centered ones) are allowed to do this and no one bats an eye.

there are 5575876876876 rape subs

There are really that many? O_O

yes, and they all have 65k , 10k , 30k subscribers. look for yourself. grab a littel trash can to barf in

Hm no crying about trans exclusion? Color me fucking surprised

That's so very transphobic. I wonder if TRAs will go after that trans-exclusionary, hateful forum, and demand to be included or else have the forum destroyed.

Has anyone tried reporting it?

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Honestly it would be both hilarious and incredibly saddening if reporting them for transphobia once gets it taken down rather than the hundreds of reports about rape and abuse.

Can someone create a meme that shows this (with the Cis women only thing highlighted) side by side with all the other women's subreddits forced to accept trans women like PCOS etc?

Indeed! It is disgusting how communities focused on degrading biological women are allowed but any other community that focuses on biological women receive hostility... :/

They should try their luck with TIMs. They'd have plenty of material to jerk off to.

Oh, right, I forgot. Men's boners is where TWAW stops, isn't it ?

Disgusting. Has anyone tried reporting it for trans-exclusion?

Everyone pretends not to know what a woman is until men want to objectify them for sexual gratification and that is somehow totally fine exhibit #2354657687980965

Or when they need women’s bodies for things like surrogacy like the owner of pink news.

Men know what women are - it just currently benefits them to pretend they don't.

Wish I could bump this. The subreddit is still up. Every single "biological women only" subreddit is porn related. FUUUUUUUCK reddit.