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"i was one man's private property and i hated it. Now I'm the public property of all men! So liberating!!!"

And i bet she genuinely thinks those leftist men who encourage her to be public property actually like and respect her. The men who use and abuse you are the men who viciously hate you the most. I wish more women understood that. For many men, maybe even most, a "hate fuck" is wayyyyyyyyy more fun than a consensual, mutually pleasant encounter. Even truer if it's actively painful for the woman and with no chance of orgasm, see the fascination with anal. Women get off when men are into them. Men get off when women are tortured, in tears, in pain.

The men clapping in the comments would spit on her, with disgust in their face, if they saw her on the street. Hell, they're often already disgusted the moment they have jizzed. They hate us because they have no self control and they know it. Only this poor woman living in a happy fantasy world doesn't...

Exactly! It’s all about the “hate fuck” for these garbage men, no matter what they say. So many of their fantasies revolve around raping women they hate. If their “prudish” wife won’t consent to humiliation, they just outsource it.

There’s even a married woman on another post on that sub “thanking” sex workers for providing her husband with anal and BDSM because she doesn’t want to do them. Imagine being happy that your husband wants to treat another human being as a sex toilet (and he no doubt sees his wife as exactly the same and is pissed off he has to pay to get what he wants) and will end your marriage if he can’t get his way.

Some of these johns can play pretend and throw out some praise and compliment crumbs (most won’t even do that), but deep down they ALL revile women so much that their #1 desire in life is to degrade them with painful, humiliating, “punishing” sex acts.

Men get off when women are tortured, in tears, in pain.

They give off serious serial killer vibes. My wish is for women such as her to see these men for what they really are and for their suppressed self-preservation drive to be activated so that they can get the hell out of the kink scene.

Kink and purity culture are just two sides of the same coin; the whole coin is misogynist.

There seems to be a lot this of thinking on r/sexworkers. They keep flipping the misogyny coin back and forth instead of just tossing it and walking away from these garbage men who make their lives hell.

Here’s another post where OP thinks her only options in life are to be a prostitute (which she admitted she already wanted to stop doing years ago) or a “sad, depressed, and unappreciated housewife” whose husband cheats on her (she married a man who had zero respect for her and cheated on her with prostitutes).

So I literally took on the wife role. Cooked, clean, watched after the kids. I even gave up my legit business for ‘us’ because he kept telling me I was just ‘wasting my time’. He even expressed how he didn’t want me to get a ‘real job’.

I really feel like the biggest mistake was being monogamous. And now I experienced it from the ‘wife’ side of the coin. A LOT of our clients wives aren’t even happy. They are literally taken advantage of, and left unattended to while their husbands fool around. On top of that, know the life style, a lot of these men are soooo willing to have unprotected sex with random people, there’s definitely no respect when it comes to the ‘wife’ role.

Another woman says she got stuck married to a porn addict. She wants a divorce because of that, but will go back to prostitution because no man will respect her in a marriage and “this is secretly what men like.”

They are so close to getting it, or they DO get it but it’s too painful to acknowledge.

Edit: OOP apparently posted on FDS against the promotion of sex work and talked about the reality of dealing with sadistic johns. I hope she can heal and avoid having to ever deal with these awful men again.

Why on earth these women who have lost all hope for men aren't SPINSTERS, I can't understand.

I've been trying to explain this to my libfems friends and how both sides of the coin are for the benefit of men. I'm hoping it starts sinking in soon.

So those are our only two options? Either be a virginal trad-wife who is the property of one husband or a kinky porn slut who is the property of any man who whips his dick out and hands you $20?

Do these people WANT women to run screaming into the arms of religious institutions and the GOP!?

In my time on Fetlife I saw this so often; women recreating past abuse and calling it both BDSM and ‘healing’. Even then it was obvious to me they were trapped by their pasts and couldn’t move forward. But ‘sex positivity’ meant nobody was saying ‘um, maybe therapy is what you need and not to keep reliving your trauma repeatedly and pretend it’s not trauma this way round because you “chose” it’

I feel bad saying this but god that’s so stupid. It’s classic “the thing that I grew up with was bad, so the thing that my parents told me was bad must actually be good!”

I feel terrible for her parents. If I were in their situation, I would be horrified at what my child had become.

I feel like this is so many women I've met in alt-life circles (grew up in a super repressed/religious household and tries to liberate themselves through kink/polyamory/promiscuous sex/etc).

They just traded one form of patriarchal dysfunction for another imo.

I'm not sure what purity culture is, aside from just saving sex for marriage, but it's abhorrent that what this girl got out of Christianity was that she was worth less than dirt. I grew up in an evangelical church and even though I was never a believer, I sure as hell was taught that you are to honor and cherish your spouse, that sex should be sacred and loving, and to treat your body with respect. The body is supposed to be a temple, and God wants you to treat it as such.

i guess this girl never got beat up by an older sibling... these people.