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"i was one man's private property and i hated it. Now I'm the public property of all men! So liberating!!!"

And i bet she genuinely thinks those leftist men who encourage her to be public property actually like and respect her. The men who use and abuse you are the men who viciously hate you the most. I wish more women understood that. For many men, maybe even most, a "hate fuck" is wayyyyyyyyy more fun than a consensual, mutually pleasant encounter. Even truer if it's actively painful for the woman and with no chance of orgasm, see the fascination with anal. Women get off when men are into them. Men get off when women are tortured, in tears, in pain.

The men clapping in the comments would spit on her, with disgust in their face, if they saw her on the street. Hell, they're often already disgusted the moment they have jizzed. They hate us because they have no self control and they know it. Only this poor woman living in a happy fantasy world doesn't...

Men get off when women are tortured, in tears, in pain.

They give off serious serial killer vibes. My wish is for women such as her to see these men for what they really are and for their suppressed self-preservation drive to be activated so that they can get the hell out of the kink scene.