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I got a new idea for the trans pride flag...

They' re going to add it when they release the next monstrosity of a flag.

I saw the progress flag made into a set of rings like some creepy eyeball.

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Imagine being so privileged, so untroubled by life that this is what you have time for

Etsy should be ashamed of themselves for promoting the things that they do. Not only is it perverted, but it's extremely dangerous.

Yup. I've been recommended literal porn by Etsy when searching for radfem stuff. I have no idea what they think the connection is, maybe they think radfem stuff is associated with porn because the items get tagged "anti porn"? I'm so sick of Etsy.

Yeah. What did i see the other day. ... "Fufu training clips" ... holy moly, i bet it's easy for a man to injure himself with one.

I really want to see these guys explain this bullshit to the poor ER doctor who has to wrestle that filthy thing out of their asses.

Ugh they would probably get off on explaining it. These ppl just love to push their nasty bullshit on ppl who haven't consented to any of it

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