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Both eyes appear to have bruising. In my forensics class we referred to those as raccoon eyes and they can signal a serious condition related to a skull or brain injury. That's not a kink, that's abuse. Full stop.

Omg wow that's so much worse than I though based on the picture

If that’s what it is, it’s bad. It’s caused by your brain banging into your skull so hard that it causes facial bruising. The likelihood of having a concussion, skull fracture, or other brain injury is pretty high with raccoon eyes. You show to the ER with that, and their first thought is going to be abuse.

Looks like she was punched in the eye? The photo is pretty dim and it's hard for me to tell. It's never men being choked and given black eyes and having their genitals torn open for women's sexual pleasure.

Her boyfriend is being given permission to beat women, and she likely has an abusive past (boyfriend, childhood). Been there, but in my case my ex refused to hit me, although the reason was because I wasn’t asking to get beaten in bed, I was asking for it outside of a sexual realm. So, men know it’s wrong to hit a woman.

A lovely little kink called “my boyfriend’s abusive and now that BDSM has entered the mainstream it’s getting used as a cover”

We, the citizens of the world, reassert our rights to be free of any public displays of your private sexual behaviour. Stop.

Please get some help, sister. Even – especially – if you’re covering for him.

Yeah like why is she posting this for the world to see? She really wants people to know about her kinks?

That's the kind of bruise my daughter had after she tripped and fell face first onto the side of a table. I can't imagine what kink would cause that.

the kink of getting punched in the head during a fight and then pretending it happened during a sex act kinda kink.