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"[R]eactions like their partner gasping for air, gagging, coughing, face changing colors, and tears were of some concern to the men in our study and sometimes prompted participants to ease off the choking pressure or to stop entirely."

"Sometimes" prompted participants to ease off or stop. Only sometimes.

Sorry, I don't buy it. We all know that choking someone is likely to hurt them. It's dangerous. I don't for a second believe that these guys are out there innocent and shocked that, by golly gee whiz, choking is dangerous! Seriously. This is bullshit, and the fact that these men are watching their partners with tears streaming down as their faces turn purple and STILL going at it tells me that these assholes are either too stupid for sex or they're deliberately trying to hurt women they claim to love.

My money is on the latter.

A lot of people do actually promote ‘breath play’ as safe, which is ridiculous. Some people end up believing it. Given how limited most people’s understanding over basic human biology and medical matters is, it’s not too surprising.

I’ve read stuff like ‘I don’t stop the air getting to the brain because I only block the neck veins’. I thought blood carrying oxygen around the body was basic knowledge but there you go.

Once again, I find that the kink and BDSM I was into was apparently very mild compared to what some people are doing. I read that and was shocked. I used to be into choking a bit, but it mostly only consisted of my partner laying his hands on my neck and applying a small amount of pressure. Still not okay or safe, but I never gasped for air, turned colors, or cried.

I can't imagine actually wanting that during sex or doing something like that to your partner.

OF COURSE. Very first comment under the thread: “I think it's a sick kink, what's that all about? 😳”

Response: “Dominance and submission, sweetie. I like to be choked, personally, by women who know MMA. They usually know how to apply a choke properly, though.”

Clicked the suspect avatar on respondent: Male dressed as woman, amine, super creepy bdsm image, website called deviantart something. Scratch a creep, find a TIM.

I think they understand the risks very well and that’s what gets them off. It’s the women who I don’t think fully understand what’s going on.

Suddenly such considerate and compliant lovers to the sexual needs of their women, these guys. Nothing in it for them, Oh no!🙄

Wow you mean they're not all highly educated though intuition sexy hot doms who just want to give you pleasure???

Men who choke female partners during sex have little understanding of risks morality, study finds


I don’t believe this. They just don’t believe their woman will die on them. “It won’t happen to me.”

Besides, it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand the risks. Ignorance of the law is not a viable defence.

Ignorance of the law is not a viable defence

Maybe not, but there is the "rough sex" defence, so they could still get away with murder.