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My ex got aroused when I cried. He didn't have an explanation. I didn't realize this was a thing

At some point I stumbled across some posts on reddit of men explaining how this happens to them because they want to "protect their gf" and are happy to provide "emotional support"!! Some even said that having sex with their gfs after they cry feels so good and stuff like that. It was super weird. Some said they call them "love boners". Ew. Why are men. Interesting that I for one don't have this kind of reaction when I see someone crying, must me something wrong with my "bIoLogY"🙄

We all know they're not love boners. They're sadist boners.

I am sorry. He is s complete shit. I hope that you are in a better place now, sister.

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Porn causes this. It trains the mind and body to associate expressions of pain and hurt to sexual arousal and gratification. I know it not only via studies, testimonies and reason, but also because it did it to me as well. Porn is terrorism on women. I have so much respect, love and admiration for those who fight (and have fought) against pornography.

If it causes orgasm it's a get out of jail free card (literally and metaphorically).

So true, I really don't understand how some things become a-ok just because they are done in a sexual context. Some people say that they can't think straight anymore and it's not who they really are, but honestly, I think it's exactly who they are deep down, they just manage to hide it in the rest of social settings. Basically similar to people getting drunk and saying whatever they think :))

let's go back to the time where you could call people disgusting and make fun of them for their weird fetish without being canceled and a meanie bc you "kink shamed" someone.

I'm sure I read (on Ovarit I think) that women's tears actually reduce men's testosterone.

I guess it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective- since women's safety is essential if the next generation is going to survive to pass on a man's DNA.

So how have we got to the stage where it is normal to be aroused by a woman's tears and injuries? Just a normal attractive woman isn't enough now? What has happened to 50% of humanity?

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The absolute saturation of society with videos of sexual terrorism.

Something else posted a critique of it. It wasn't the best paper and may have over made some claims. i can't recall the details!

Does not negate the point made about crying and arousal.

this is exactly my problem with people who are in mental health field and see bdsm as a "sex positive" act and talk about it as such... i do not believe you are understanding the dynamics of horrible abuse in this world: emotional, physical, mental, financial toll it takes on mainly submissive partners.... just because they've given you their "consent" cannot make it a "legal" act to exploit someone, especially if that person has preposition to such obedience due to unhealed, unaddressed past traumas. shouldn't we protect the most vulnerable from such atrocities as a society? i am not even 'conservative', don't get me wrong. you don't have to be liberal or conservative or whatever to call it what it is: abuse is abuse.

If they try to push that internet censorship legislation against "hate speech" through here in the US, we should inundate our legislators with mail demanding that misogynistic pornography be deemed as "hateful content".