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A pro-choice candidate, his website says he would like to "redefine abortion debate as a right to unplanned sex."

Sounds like he wants a right to rape.

One of eight bullet points on the topic also says that "Men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement."

And right to force a woman to get an abortion.

All this on top of releasing a sex tape and wanting to make prostitution legal. What a great guy. Good thing it sounds like he has no shot at winning.

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Care to explain the right to rape part? How is a right to unplanned sex a right to rape? I read that as "a right to decide to have sex with partner on a whim without protection." Not, "a right to force someone who doesn't want to have sex with you."

I think this guy's positions are laughable but that was a bit of a reach to me.

Unplanned coupled with his stance on making prostitution legal feels more like a desire to rape rather than a desire for spontaneity. I fell like if you wanted to convey a sense freewheeling sensuality you would choose the word spontaneity rather than unplanned. Maybe it's semantics but he does want to rape women, he wants to legalize paid rape as a part of his platform.

I also don't find a single one of his positions laughable, I find then disturbing and dangerous.

The cybersecurity specialist and major in the U.S. Army Reserves

Sounds like another proto-TIM.

Meanwhile, women get their reputations trashed when intimate partners leak their nudes.

I’m waiting with bated breath to hear how this brogressive feels about non-consensual sharing of nude photos.

I wish Katie Hill hadn't resigned. Sure, her relationship with a staffer was questionable but men do that shit all the time and stay in office.

🤮 i'm not in that district, but there has been way too much trying to legalize prostitution in NYS. There is a group promoting what they call the Equity Model, which sure sounds better than this. https://www.equalitymodelny.org/bill-overview

What a stupid attention whore this asshole is

One of eight bullet points on the topic also says that "Men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement."

No shit, dumbass. Neither should women, hence why we want to protect abortion rights.

Tell me where men get the audacity

Um, no. If a kid is born both parents should be required to support that child or provide a replacement.

Yes of course. My point was more like, nobody should have to support a child they don't want, so let us have free access to birth control (including abortion). I see how my comment sounded like I was agreeing with him but no, if a child is born, both parents have a duty to care for them

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Then you shouldn't say "no one should have to support a child they don't want," because men still have to. Men can use protection and have vasectomies and still end up with a child because only abstinence is 100%. Women don't have that disadvantage if abortion is legal because even if contraception fails they still have an out, so you're only fighting for women to be able to not support children they don't want.

It's fine to be against men having that option because children still need supported, but be clear and honest about it.