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There's a lot of damaged women in kink. A. Lot.

All of them, I would imagine. You can't want men to abuse you and not be fucked up.

Of course the TiFs get off from abuse and the TiMs get off on pedophilia

Thank you for collecting these. It's so sad how ctpsd & bpd correlated with bdsm. These women need therapy and healing, not sexual abuse. The men who take advantage of them are scum.

Didn’t expect FTM to be higher than MTF

FTM is linked to bdsmadvice, whereas MtF is linked to littlespace. Maybe FtMs more likely to need advice on surviving their abusive relationships whereas MtFs more likely to be interested in sexualizing children.

The little community is predominantly female, which is why nonbinary is so much higher than mtf in that community (and cptsd).

How the hell do these women justify pedophilia to themselves? No matter what kind of fucked-up childhoods they may have had, I would still expect better from them. Maybe they don't think raping adult women is evil, but for God's sake, how is raping children not beyond the pale?

Interesting. Why is that? I don’t really know anything about littles tbh (thankfully!) so talking out my arse probably.

I wonder what the stats are for regular men and women. For men, I could see it (if they're choosing the "little" role) as relating to the fantasy of a girlfriend/wife who's more like a mother in doing everything for you, coddling you, not demanding much of you, letting you just act like an immature man-child, etc.