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'I went to Japan and bought sex from a woman whose real name and personal circumstances are as unimportant to me as the peanuts I ate from that little packet on the plane. My orgasms, on the other hand, deserve their own Wikipedia page.'

Just straight up promoting the sex industry and the human trafficking that enables it. When you talk about buying sex at massage parlors, you've given up even pretending that it matters to you whether the woman participating was there of her own free will.

Rape. This is rape.

There are massage parlors everywhere I live and I desperately want to help but don’t know how.

What the hell is edging?

Riding the edge of orgasm. Bringing yourself/being brought to the brink over and over and backing off before orgasm. Edging.

Jesus Christ that sounds frustrating and annoying as hell.

I wondered if it meant that ... and this idiot thinks feeling like that for a week would be good???

It can be exciting and intensifies the actual orgasm when you get there. Not for me but I see why people like it.

It's clearly an exaggeration... Hyperbole. Not to be taken literally.

It's dumb, but not because they believe they were literally being edged for a week