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I’m so glad to see someone properly refer to it as “strangling”.

Men who get off on almost-murdering women need to shamed.

The intent is to role play murder, isn't it? There's only one reason human beings strangle one another. To incapacitate and kill. A man who does this to a woman is acting out murdering her.

So incredibly depressing. I’m so worried for my daughters as they’re getting to the age where they are about to start dating.

Girls, please know that being strangled, hit, torn, and who knows what else is not normal!

You don’t have to put up with that shit! Sex shouldn’t hurt. If it does, he’s doing it wrong.

I have all kinds of issues that make my sexual organs particularly sensitive. My husband knows that sometimes PIV can’t happen, and he’s incredibly gentle with me when it can happen.

That’s the very base level women should expect from a sexual partner. If he gets off on hurting you, RUN!

Sex should not even be uncomfortable. Not even mildly so. Not even neutral or boring.

Pleasurable and only pleasurable. Nothing else, not even for a second. Not worth it.

r/ sex members are adamant that choking is not the same as strangling.

Sure, let’s tell this to their family and friends at their funerals.

That sub is an absolute cesspool. You will get banned for "kink shaming."

They're right for all the wrong reasons, since choking is what happens when you have something lodged in your airways and can't breathe and strangulation is when your windpipe is crushed by force.

What they might mean is blood choking, which isn't a very accurate name but it's what happens when blood flow to the brain is cut off and the brain is starved of oxygen. It's the fastest way to kill a person so it's not any safer than strangulation despite what they claim.