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The cuteification of it by calling it ''cnc'' is so vile. It's such a slog to progress when we have women who are doormats and give into their boyfriends every desire even though he actively doesn't give a shit about her. When will those women wake up?

I hate how kink and ""sex positive"" culture uses cutesy euphemisms to cover up vile practices. Its not strangulation, its "breath play". Its not domestic violence, it's "BDSM". Its not rape, its "CNC", etc. It obfuscates the problem and makes it easier for young women to be groomed into it

This, and also with ''top/bottom surgery'' aka double mastectomy and genital mutilation.

I tried to find her on tiktok and to no surprise, she must have been banned. All that comes up is people slamming her and calling her a terf.

Does anyone know if she is on Instagram or anything?

She's on twitter. Going back a few days only, she doesn't seem to have shared her tiktok content out there simultaneously. I guess you'd hear if she got her account back or re-uploads on another account though?

Yeah, I'm not surprised. You can't find this video on TikTok either.