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As somebody very familiar with Christian conservative rhetoric, it’s funny how similar the BDSM community’s definition of real masculinity (which they tend to equate to sexual dominance) is to the religious definition.

Also, all of the comments are like “we need to get rid of the patriarchy, but NOT be misandrists who hate CNC.” So we can’t even question men with rape fantasies, yet we’ll definitely stop the patriarchy, got it.

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I was SA last year and I’m still healing. I’m not opposed to the idea of CNC, but it will definitely take time as I’m still in therapy.

Umm...you should be uncomfortable with rape, even if you're just LARPing sexual assault for fun. Rape is bad. Rape has caused billions of people immense misery.

Don't make getting comfortable with playacting rape a "mental health" goal.

If these weirdos don't want their sexual proclivities judged, why don't they keep them to themselves?

I hesitate to ask, but what the fuck is rigging and bratting?

I hate that I know the answers (thanks, a certain metaverse game) - The first is about tying people up and the latter is about people behaving like bratty children.

These people are so fucking sick in the head. What happened to them to make them this way? I don't think a psychologically normal person would be capable of engaging in this behavior without feeling shame.

OK, I have no idea what CNC stands for. I did what I always do when I find an unknown acronym. I looked. I found this website: What Does CNC Stand For? - All Acronyms

CNC Meaning What does CNC mean as an abbreviation? 490 popular meanings of CNC abbreviation.

What does it mean in BDSM world? Clearly, it is not my world (and never will be).

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It is an acronym for the euphemism for rape kinks. It means "consensual non-consent". People simulate rape and sexual assault by pre-negotiating and then whatever comes next in theory is supposed to be consensual, while appearing and feeling like it isn't.

As a survivor, this would be the very last thing I would ever do. It’s kind of any oxymoron isn’t it? Consensual Non-Consent?!

Thank you for letting me know.

The myth that BDSMers promote is that re-enacting rape while under the illusion that they're in full control of the situation is "healing" for victims.

It stands for Consensual Non-Consent - basically, pretending you don’t consent. (Please don’t judge me for knowing this, I’m terminally online) One partner pretends they’re not consenting, and the other let’s be honest, the male partner gets off on it. Gross.

I judge you not! (I’m 72.🧑🏻‍🦳).

Thanks for the response.

Rape fetish. They just dress it up to make it sound less offensive, but it's exactly as revolting as you might imagine.