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bUt MaYbE sHe LiKeS iT!!!11!!!1

Libfems will come up with all kinds of convoluted explanations for why a woman would enjoy being abused. But they never turn around and ask themselves why a man would orgasm from beating a woman. Even libfems will admit we live in a patriarchy, and that men are raised to see women as second-class citizens. Thinking critically why a man enjoys sexualized violence against women lead to some troubling conclusions about men for libfems.
It's the same thing patriarchy has always done, focus on the woman to draw attention away from men's deprived behavior. A woman was raped? Let's focus on how the woman was acting or wearing, instead of thinking of why a man would think it's OK to violate a woman.
Men have killed women in the bedroom during these sex games. BDSM has a body count, but no libfem will ever call a kinky man a woman hater. But they won't hesitate to call radfems man haters for being against the sexualization of violence against women.