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This. So much. Step sister/mother/daughter thing is INSANELY popular on ph, the biggest porn site. It's a whole meme between men now, too. They joke about step sister this, step sister that, all the time.

It's incest fetish and we all know it. Adding 'step' is just to avoid legal matters and sidestep taboo. As all incest fetish is, those porn vids are mostly borderline pedophilic too, using 'teens' in the title and dress them up like young teens. The worst is step daughter porn. I wasn't sexually abused but physically and verbally abused by father and I always feared the possibility of being molested by my own family, because it is not uncommon for abusive fathers/brothers/uncles to sexually assault a girl in their family. Because how rampant and popular these fetishes are.

I was lucky to not go through such abuse but many girls did. Many girls fear it. Men are becoming more and more addicted, indoctrinated, and getting used to jerking off to casual incest videos online, and I don't doubt it will increase the number of abused, afraid young women and girls.