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Like that drink "compliance" they make the contestants take before they go on stage in the Black Mirror episode, 15 million merits

Ngl if I had to make porn to keep a roof over my head I would probably willingly take that shit just to get through the day. I hope those women had a choice to take the drugs. Let's be real, most of them probably didn't.

Unfortunately, I doubt that porn lovers would give a damn about this information.

They joke about women being high as a kite in porn vids all the time. They joke about being “sad” that a porn actress overdosed because she won’t be making anymore content for them to fap to. They are all-around depraved pieces of shit.

Women who are obviously drugged are all over pornography as well as porn-adjacent parasocial or sexualized media-- men simply don't care. Go on Twitch for two seconds and you can find a number of openly drugged women in bathing suits and lingerie doing streams where men can make them change their bikinis or splash around in a pool while slurring their usernames. They don't care-- to some of them it's even an opportunity.

"She's willing" is fucking bottom level consideration for someone being put through the shit that someone has to do to participate even in the mildest porn shoot (i.e. hours worth of being nude, doused in makeup and lubricant and body fluids, having your orifices rooted around in regardless of your pain or discomfort level, and then the product is a permanent recording of you having sex being freely available to literally anyone at the end of it). It's such a bottom level consideration that it shouldn't even be noteworthy, except it is because it is so routinely violated. No man should be able to defend his porn use by saying "they're willing" nonetheless "they're awake" (!!!! jesus fucking christ) -- who fucking cares, so are kids picking through trash to support their families, so are prisoners who sign up for medical experiments so they can get time off their sentence, so are terrorists who blow themselves up in a public square.

I tried googling this and only found the original reference. So I'm not sure this is real.

Fair point. I just tried googling it too but can't seem to find much either. I do think it is real because Gail Dines is very well researched on the topic of porn (she has interviewed many porn performers and has written several books about it).

All I found was interviews by porn performers about all the drug use in the industry (couldn't get anything specifically about triple h though):

https://www.forbes.com/sites/susannahbreslin/2017/02/21/male-porn-star-retired/?sh=1bcba11854d4 https://fightthenewdrug.org/10-porn-stars-speak-openly-about-their-most-popular-scenes/