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I was looking up the stuff about Wiltshire Police, and I found it to be a stretch, either a gross misunderstanding or blatant disinformation. They are using the "progress pride" flag and attended an LGBTQ event where there was a booth for kink with kink pride flags on display (yes they exist, barf). I couldn't find any clear evidence that the police were either involved in the booth or using the kink flags!

This push to treat LGBTQ and kink as synonymous is honestly the fault of the LGBTQ community for allowing kink into pride at all. But it needs a pushback. They're not the same thing and there is plenty of disagreement with kink within the gay community.

Spot on. These men should be locked up for life.

And anyone, I mean anyone defending this should be locked up as well. Even if "age play" is between consenting adults, it's only a matter of time before one party decides to escalate and really hurt someone.