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“How dare you tie a woman up and beat her!”

“Oh wait? You’re doing it to have an orgasm? Totally ok, dude! Beat the crap out of her with impunity!”

I fucking hate all men into the “BDSM scene.” Safe, sane, and consensual my ass.

There is nothing sane about orgasming from physical abuse.

Yeah. Honestly, if your politics, religion, or anything else is above criticism, you don't actually have much knowledge of it. To defend something is a great way to learn and refine your beliefs. But kink and some other things, the pleads not to criticize is actually just showing that they cannot defend it, and perhaps they know that.

Many years ago I started a fling with a man into BDSM and found elements of submission appealing. I also found a lot of it less appealing IRL than in my head, and what we did was very mild. More importantly though I felt that I was trying to harm myself and that if it continued the only outcome for me would be a desire for death. I knew that for me this was NOT healthy or loving or good. So I stopped it. Just because something feels compelling doesn't mean it's good.

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Sadism, like pedophilia, is never okay in any form and should be ostracized and vilified.