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Ooh, that’s very smart! That pattern would be great for so many things, too - belts or headbands etc.

It really is! Keeps the pacifier from escaping onto the floor all the time :b I think it could, yes :) with a slightly bigger yarn and gauge.

Lovely and interesting stitch!

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Yeah, I rather liked the pattern. It was quite different from some of the other chains/cords I found ☺️ looks more elegant, I think.

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Worked on this during the night when baby would only sleep on me x) a good way to stay awake

Edit: colour is more green and the ring is mint.

Again, very pretty! Can't wait to see what else you make!

Thanks ☺️ I plan on making a lot of pacifier clips, but in different patterns. Might also experiment and add my own ideas to some. I hope to gift some to the other women in the mothers' club I attend - if they want them that is.