I ended looking up the dutch/finnish/japanese terms bc the pattern was just too good 😌 also learning to read the stitch diagrams chefs kiss

I have done this lol

you know you are too far down the knitting hole when you just have to make that pattern even if it means translating it yourself XD

I have done that as a first project ;_; Me is dumb

Tbf I don't really know how to crochet. My mum does, but she doesn't speak english (or dutch - which was the language of the silhouette cat I crocheted). So it was this weird translation chain of using google to go from dutch to english, then google in english wtf everything meant, try to explain to my mum what was in practice or show her a guide, and then her explaining to me what it was in my language and how to actually do it. So really, the dutch>english was the easiest part lol

AS A FIRST PROJECT. omg no that is just... not a good combo lol

I am so glad you figured it out though!

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I’m on mobile atm, I’ll get non-tumblr links when I get home, promise! Too funny not to share.