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I went through a thing with my boys where on rainy day weekends we would play Pictionary or The Game of Life (sounds major when I capitalize it) and at the time I had a little foster cat.

One weekend we were sitting around the coffee table putting together a jigsaw puzzle and the cat hopped up on the table to watch. Or I thought she was watching. She really wanted to participate.

She watched us manipulate the pieces all around like she was watching astronauts manipulate spaceship dials. After several minutes she got the clearest "Aha!" look to her, scooped a piece and stuffed it in her gob.

It was like we humans were all playing a directionless game but she had figured out how to win and expected a prize.

I don't care what Nasa accomplishes. They will never be able to explain to me the absolutely triumphant look on that cat's face as she chewed our puzzle piece.

We were all 3 laughing like loons and kinda scandalized that we'd never get that puzzle completed but the look - everything about her expression and posture said -

"And that's how it's done. You're welcome, dummies!"

And that's kinda what I expect every time I see a cat watching me do handiwork.