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Went to an op shop yesterday and found this. It’s a painting, not a print, done by a woman in 1985. Cost me fifty cents and is now adorning my lounge room wall. :)

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OMG we have a tuxedo! Next time we're in your part of the world, I'm coming to steal this painting right off your wall! 😸😸 Great find!

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What an amazing painting! The poses are so lifelike. One statuesque, the other relaxed. The Duality of Cat.

This reminds me, I went to an art museum once (the modern art department of The art museum in my country) and bought a small stylized painting of a cat which looked a bit like a Hebrew letter in a gift shop there. A corner of the glass protecting the painting had broken off, and the cashier, when I brought it to the register to ring it up, pointed it out and said, "See, this one's chipped. Sorry, I'll put that away, go get one that's undamaged."

Mind you, that wasn't an art print, or even one of a series, but a completely original watercolor painting (and the best of them all by far even discounting the cat factor). Central Palace of the Arts, my ass.

(I'd post it but we were going to move and then didn't and it's somewhere in the stacks.)

That sounds an amazing painting!!

It struck me when I hung this one: I wonder if it was one kitty in different poses? Their markings are identical.

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The kitty is so dignified 😻

Only way any cats in my house look dignified, for the most part - when they’re in a painting. 😸