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Hello everybody.

I have noticed that some of the newer yarns that I’m buying are not as vivid as the older ones. Even if it’s supposedly the same color. I just bought a variegated yarn from Caron. It’s the color ‘Easter basket’. Comparing it to the one that I still have that I bought three years ago it’s so drab. I noticed the same thing with red heart ‘autumn’ variegated.

Does anybody else know anything about this?

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The first thing that comes to mind is that the dying process could have changed if there have been new regulations put in place for environmental and health reasons? I haven't researched this, though. Do you know where it is spun and dyed?

I don’t know why but it’s harder to find bright variegated yarns now. It’s worse trying to get them online, because ones that look strongly coloured on screen turn out to be washed-out pastels.

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Pastels are currently fashionable. It could also be new legislation on dyeing chemicals. Why don't you email the brand that makes it and ask them what changed?