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I started with a chain of 12, then in the first row I crocheted two stitches in every stich, and from second row and on there's two stitches in every second stitch. (in other words increase of 50% in circumference with each row)

It started curling slightly already in the second row, it was quite obvious with the fourth row, and now with seven rows the curls are very definitely pronounced.

And it's a lot of fun!

(dunno if "hyperbolic pseudosphere" is very accurate when my starting chain is so long, a true hyperbolic pseudosphere should start as a cone. But nevertheless it will curl and fold on itself until the middle won't be visible, so who cares :) )

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Wow, this is ultra-cool. I hadn't even heard of the term "hyperbolic pseudosphere" but now I love it and I love your artwork. Thank you for showing and teaching!