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Crocheting is a big-brain-hobby. The astonishing intricacies you can create using yarn and a little stick never fail to impress me. It's essentially "physics for yarn". I hope to learn it someday! Also, I love that you picked green for this project.

It's very easy. I think I learned it from my grandma or maybe mom when I still was in kindergarden. It's just loop after loop after loop. I guess the end result is intimidating, but really, it's just loops and nothing more.

I always choose earthly colours for my artsy projects. I don't know why, but my teachers would also be complimenting my colour choices :D maybe because children tend to choose bright synthetic colours, and I stick out from the crowd with my choice of greens, browns, and yellows.

"Physics for yarn" haha! Yes, also very much programming. And I learned about hyperbolic crochet in a book about maths of all places :)