It would be really nice :) the only problem is that thing's getting very heavy very fast, as it's based in geometric progression, so you'd have to use some synthetic yarn or make it with lots of holes.

But seeing how much fun I'm having with this project, mayyyyybe I'll make some clothes for my daughter's Barbies :)

Yeah, I was wondering how the yarn would turn out -- I guess there is a critical mass of yarn that makes it lose the original small-scale shape. And synthetic materials are undesirable for many reasons, yes. Nonetheless, I am buying tickets for a front row seat for your Barbie fashion show!

(I know sewists use fishlines to achieve certain looks, like big-swirly hemlines that hold their shape nicely, for example the traditional Sami robe skirts. I don't know if this could help support the shape)

Your posts are so inspiring, maybe this is what will propel me into the world of chrocheting! I juuuuust have to finish sewing projects XYZ first, but I will pick up a crocheting needle the next time I am at the crafts store. XD