That is really stunning! I don't think I could do cross stitch without a pattern. Beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I still use a pattern, just a custom designed one! Especially for these, which use blended threads and back stitching. Not at the point where I can just look at the picture and stitch, haha :)

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Beautiful kitty, beautiful name, beautiful way to save a memory. Wonderful work <3

Thanks! Her owner is Dutch and I learned that her name is similar to the Dutch word for “kitten”. He made a whole website dedicated to her…she is a beloved cat :)

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You're really talented! It's so good and what you do for your friends is very sweet.

I based this piece on a custom pattern by Pin + Needle on Etsy

I did make a number of changes to this pattern based on the colors I had available and to add more definition in certain areas but in general her patterns are awesome and super accessible.

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Breathtakingly beautiful -- you did so well on this. I hope it brings her person some peace and healing. <3

[–] Calais 1 points (+1|-0)

Good work! The colours transferred very well, and the slight 3-d feeling of the whiskers gives it some depth.