Are any of ewe on Ravelry? Wondered if you had noticed a change since Casey's transition? Feels like it is going to pot.

Are any of ewe on Ravelry? Wondered if you had noticed a change since Casey's transition? Feels like it is going to pot.


There's another recent topic about Ravelry here: https://ovarit.com/o/ArtsAndYarns/33866/alternatives-to-ravelry

Honestly, I really dislike Ravelry now. My main angers:

  • The owner basically indrectly banned/chased away Trump supporters from the website. Even as a severe anti-Trumper myself, this feels too radical for a website that can be considered a public space. I am completely pro blocking people who are attacking others or promoting hate speech individually, but as a group... damn.

  • Changing the UI of the website to be disability unfriendly (and very ugly). After the disabled community complained, they deleted all those comments and complaints. Then the owner replied to individual emails from disabled people with threats, ridicule and other ridiculous stuff that is not professional at all. He/she never apologized but just deleted his/her twitter. His/her wife and their few co-workers had to apologize. Somewhat later they opened a poll/feedback form for people with disabilities to give feedback. The poll/feedback form was hosted on the website and was thus disability unfriendly and could not be filled out by the disabled people it was supposed to target. Complaints and remarks were once again deleted. Unbelievable. The website still can't be used by a group of people with certain disabilities. The owner says a disability design expert is too difficult and too expensive, but they'll look into it in the future. Disability design experts have offered to work with them for free, but the owner refuses to accept their help. Ravelry continues to spend money on anything but disability usage improvements.

  • Updating the website with pronouns, pride flags and trans flags everywhere, so now profiles can have a flag and pronouns and it's suspicious if you refuse to join in with these new customs.

  • Celebrating pride month with placing illustrations on the front page that heavily feature kink imagery. On a craft website. What.

  • The owner published a manifesto that is a disaster. He/she wants Ravelry to go into NFTs, which threatens the copyright and ownership of the patterns for all designers, is a disaster for the environment, is very expensive, and is downright all round bad news for everyone related to this in any way except for a few moneymakers like him/her.

  • I guess not really a big deal for a lot of people, but the owner appropriates the term witch, which personally irks me a lot, because I see it as either a religious term or a term for females, which is heavily related to past crimes and generational trauma that can't be experienced by anyone without a female body.

So yeah, fuck Ravelry, I don't want to know where this goes. I'm just on standby to completely remove my online shop there the second he/she enrolls the NFT stuff. The owner keeps mentioning that the website has more accounts than ever, but I recently got sent website information and there you can see that visitations and interactions are just dropping all the time since all these events. It was an awesome ship used by millions that is in the process of being destroyed to the point of eventual sinking thanks to one person and I hate it.