I’ve almost done the front and back shoulder pieces of this jumper - I’ll do the main part of the body sideways, so the stripes are vertical. I was making it stockinette because that’s the way the V neck works on the pattern I’m adapting. Only last night did it occur to me - why aren’t I doing this in reverse stockinette, which I generally prefer? Duh! 😄

I can get away with it for the neckline, it curls back on itself a bit anyway. What do you think, Ovarknitters? Anybody have any preference when it comes to this sort of thing?

(I have asked the supurrvisors but their advice is just “Let me chew the string, Meowmy.”)

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I like the one on the right. It looks like little hearts.

Stockinette does tend to look like that!

I just finished the second piece and pinned them, and somewhat to my surprise am leaning toward the one on the right. I like the look of the reverse when they’re in front of me, but the “normal” front face looks better on.

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The right one.

Thanks! That’s the one I ended up using. It’s funny, I usually prefer reverse stockinette, but for some reason this looked better with the knit side out when I tried it on. Nearly finished now, just 2/3 of a sleeve, blocking and seaming to be done!

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Gorgeous colorway! Since you are going to be knitting sideways to get vertical stripes, I'd go with the reverse stockinette because it is less directional. Every time I see stockinette turned 90 degrees it makes me itchy to "straighten" it, lol.

LOL! I ended up going for the plain side after all. It looked better on that side when I tried it on, surprisingly. Then I remembered that I wanted to do visible seams in saddle stitch, and they definitely show better on the plain side!

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Can't argue with the result of an actual try-on! And I love the look of visible seaming, so please post the FO when it's off the needles!

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I'm no expert on knitting, but prefer the one on the left...the one with the lighter, moss green yarn...

Thanks! It’s just the lighting doing that, they’re the same piece of knitting. Photographed less than a minute apart, too! :P

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Ahh...as mentioned...no real experience with knitting...

That’s fine! It was a good example of “the camera never lies” being wrong, lol.

I like both, but to me reverse stockinette gives a more casual feel, so I guess it depends what you're going for. Either way, I really like that colorway!

Thanks! It really is a nIce colourway, caught my eye immediately (I shouldn’t look at yarn when I just went to buy buttons, lol). Didn’t realise till I got home how close it is to the suffragette colours - bonus! Also it’s cheap and soft and shows up white cat fur purrfectly. 😸

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Gotta pick the left. I love the way gradients look in reverse stockinette and garter stitch.

So do I, but I ended up going for the plain one - rather to my surprise, it looked better that way on (and shows saddle stitch seams better).

The right - I have 3 jumpers or sweaters or whatever the things are called that my MIL gave me, and they were designed to be worn with the back outside (like pic on the left), and it annoys me no end!

LOL! I ended up going for the right side out, it works better with external seams.