R.I.P. to this fantastic woman. Inspired many young girls with the characters she created and will be sorely missed.

I re-read her books so often as a kid. Ramona, Beatrice, Henry Huggins, and Ribsy - such fantastic, lovable characters. Rest in peace.

I didn't have many of her books, but I loved them.

may she rest in peace.

Rest in peace Ms. Cleary. You got me to love reading and created on of my favorite characters of all time.

She was very important to me when I was young. Her books helped me survive a very difficult childhood.

No. I refuse this fact.

Same. Fucking same. I was put in ESL when I came to The States and though I was a teenager I read her books to myself and my younger American-born sisters. The vim and vigor of her female characters was an eye opening experience, since I’m from a -stfu kids- culture and religion. I’m sad but we know her legacy will live on as we read these stories to our daughters, sisters, and nieces. Rest in Power Ms. Cleary

As a fellow American immigrant who felt like an outcast amomg her peers for years, I also related heavily with her and gave me a glimpse of the America I envisioned for myself. This series, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Fable Haven, and Lord is the Rings we’re my childhood.

This is such a wonderful story, it's great to hear that those books meant so much to you on so many levels <3

104 holy shit. Good for her. I loved her books when I was a kid.

R.I.P. great lady. I just in the last month purchased a first addition book of Ramona the Pest. I wanted this version because of the wonderful illustrations by Louis Darling. I dearly loved this story as a child and the wonderful Ramona was my spirit guide for sure.

104!? Damn, good for her!

I'll have to buy up her books for my little girl

She was, simply put, a genius. We're all so lucky that she gave us such delightful characters who will live on far longer than she ever could.

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