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Joyce is no conservative hard-liner, nor is she seeking some reactionary rollback of trans rights — she favorably cites the United Kingdom’s status quo on these issues, which balances legally enshrined protections for trans people with exceptions that allow for truly single-sex spaces in some settings, such as rape shelters. She also opposes legislation that strictly polices trans people’s access to bathrooms.

It's refuting the myth that all GCers are conservatives that the TRA are promoting. I'm glad it's a decent review, and needing more citations and this mild clarification is probably the most scathing criticism:

It isn’t that some trans activists “forget that the majority of children will desist” if they don’t socially transition, as Joyce puts it — it’s that they deny that this is the case altogether. It’s important to render one’s opponents’ arguments as accurately as possible.

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I can't wait to read the book. I'm honestly so surprised this is published in the NYT right now.

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Singal could barely find anything wrong with Joyce’s book. He really tried, but admitted he was nitpicking. He is trying so hard to remain in the faith.