Ok, it wasn't diplomatic, business saavy or polite, but I'm glad this guy said it out loud, and sorry his whole family and all of his employees and suppliers are having to pay for it. Anyone in Banff, Alberta need wholesale gourmet food?


Ok, it wasn't diplomatic, business saavy or polite, but I'm glad this guy said it out loud, and sorry his whole family and all of his employees and suppliers are having to pay for it. Anyone in Banff, Alberta need wholesale gourmet food? https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/fallout-from-transphobic-remarks-continues-for-valbella-gourmet-foods-1.6004966


No matter how much you agree with his sentiment, it's harmful to condone his words. This comes across as the standard conservative bro viewpoint, and guys like this are making our efforts much less effective. Not to mention that he was speaking for a company that included other people - what a jackass. Imagine if his response had been well reasoned. What if it had revealed a little bit of research or at least thought? What if the wording had been professional instead of purposefully bigoted and inflammatory? Then this message might have actually made a difference and been been (gourmet - ha) food for thought.

I'm just so irritated by the right interfering with the message. My local "pride" event just got violently interrupted by a yahoo like this guy who didn't have anything coherent to say. The fallout is that the "left" is more certain than ever that they're on the correct side, and have been extra extra vocal about "pride" (read: trans and drag) stuff since. Our only hope is converting libfems, and this certainly isn't going to do it.

Interesting thread about this, and the family who owns the store, on Reddit.



Looks like you got it exactly right. People who are familiar with the family don't have good things to say.

I have met the majority of their family. They are well known in the community as bigots, anti science, and just generally full of hate.

I was in the same French immersion class with Jeff from Kindergarten straight through to High School. He has always been a testicular tumour in the shape of a person.

Valbella also has a Canadian flag draped outside to support the convoy. They are known in town for being hateful, racist, antivaxers. Apparently homophobic too… This doesn’t surprise me at all.

They were full on anti-vax, anti-mask, and anti-AHS from the start of the pandemic.

It’s well-known that this Valbella dude is a massive fan of right-wing politics. Valbella was very open about their support of the convoy on social media and other things like that. His politics aren’t exactly a secret.

Putting all that aside, the response back to the Pride group was unprofessional at best, and the company is lying about some "employee" having made this post and the "employee" having been fired. Not people I'd ever feel comfortable doing business with, even if their products are good. They can't conduct themselves professionally and can't handle a mistake professionally.

Haha! Yes - this is exactly how I was picturing him. Same as the guy at our pride event - driving around with a flag hanging out of his truck. Ridiculous idiots. It sounds like the whole family might deserve to go down.

I'll be the voice of dissent and say that unless this guy owned the business 100%, which doesn't seem to be the case, he had no right to torpedo the business with his remarks. It smacks of male entitlement. This would be my opinion regardless of whether I agreed with anything he said. If the family/business owners got together and decided to take a stand on this issue and accept the fallout, that would be another matter. In that case I would hope they would spend some time crafting a better statement. This guy basically blew up their entire business for a mantrum.

A few high profile stories like this scares everyone else into compliance with the TRAs.

Although I do agree with the man’s comments!

I wrote them an email of support and posted a few tweets of the "Gays against groomers" video of the drag queen saying drag is not for children (which is a thing i never imagined would need saying). I hope they ride the wave and carry on.

The journalist said “LGBTQ2S+”…they really added more letters and also numbers this time. And “2S” stands for “two spirit person.”

I didn't even get where they got homophobic from. Company guy reply only mentioned transgenders.

The forced teaming of issues works really well for them. They’ll eventually be calling him racist.

Yeah, some professor who worked with the federal government on crafting the conversion therapy bill that outlawed GC discussions in favor of “affirmative care” was on a popular Alberta political podcast and said that the police should get involved to investigate a “hate crime”.


The convoy organizers are out on bail, but THIS guy has to be made an example of like he committed 9/11 on steroids? He already experienced the consequences in the court of public opinion, why steamroll even further? Unless it’s to create a chilling effect and send a message about who the sacred caste is, and the consequences for “blasphemy”.

I don’t think the government will go that far, though. They’d be handing the conservatives a martyr on a silver platter. The only other person besides this Wells guy who wants von Rotz arrested is Pierre Polywhatsadoodle or whatever his name is. The bitcoins/MAGA guy who’s running against PM Trudeau.

I know this particular link is to the story as reported by CTV, but I did write CBC’s ombudsman a sternly worded letter last night, about their framing and sourcing when reporting on this story. I pointed out how the writer did not interview any GC voices or include GC perspectives, just one TRA and left that as the default POV. I also said that he editorialized by stating as fact that the business owner repeated “untruths” (the journalist’s words, not someone he was quoting) about violent and/or predatory behavior by TIPs. I even included specific examples (Robert Kosilek, Bob Tur, the attempt on Dave Chappelle, the lawsuit against the state of California by female prisoners), and said that the writer should have done more thorough fact-checking instead of presenting a one-sided narrative that prejudiced the subject matter. I even played dumb a little bit and hedged that it was very well possible to make a decision about von Rotz’s comments and language in and of themselves, without the story being editorialized in favor of a particular slant rather than reported as hard news, and the audience told what and how to think by omitting key context.

We’ll see what he replies. My guess is that it’ll go about as well as my attempt to peak Wikipedia on gender Lysenkoism, but at least CBC has been made aware that what they are doing with this issue is political spin and ideological advocacy rather than journalism.

My hat's off to you! It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, they have to say.

Except the sister lied to the public and said the brother was a “team member” instead of the president and then they fired him. So, fuck Valbella for throwing your literal brother under the bus while pandering to the almighty girldique!

Throwing the brother under the bus?! Quite the opposite. She was forced into that position and, even so, might lose this company. How many lives depend on it? And it's not lying to refer to the president as a "team member." That's totally normal business speak.

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So, now radfems have to boycott this company for firing him?

Is probably easier than buying something there, considering that radfems don't tend to have a lot of money.

His comments could have been worded more politely, but he's right, and it is sad to see that the company is ready to throw him under the bus.

(Gotta say, the family name von Rotz made me chuckle. I am sure the etymological roots are different, but it does look like it means "of snot". And while Chantal is a normal name elsewhere, it is infamous in Germany as typical name parents with little education give to their kids - though in those cases, it tends to be spelled "Schantal" or similarly ... as the parents among whom it is popular have only heard it spoken on TV and don't know how to spell it properly. So ... don't worry, she's kinda punished enough with her name, lol)

If that was my company, I'd feel sorely tempted to issue an apology that reads like this: "We are sorry he was so rude as to object to sponsoring something that included child-grooming. We acknowledge that child-grooming is the fashion of the time, and will be happy to sponsor all the child grooming you transactivists want us to sponsor ... just please, please don't murder us. And don't ruin your business, as you usually do with everyone who displeases you. Under His Eye! We love Big Brother!"

No one has to boycott anything Buy the products if you want to

So, now radfems have to boycott this company for firing him?

I’m not going to laud the company for crumbling to public pressure and sacrificing a family member to uphold child abuse. Nor will I tell other women what to do. Oh yeah, I’m also not a RF. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Would you please stop implying that anyone is "telling other women what to do"?

I would be boycotting them for spinelessness, just like I boycott a dozen companies for being TRAs.

I wonder just how fired he is. I imagine he'll be ok. I can understand wanting to save the company. It's nice to imagine one would stand up bravely for this principle, but it is a terrible price she is being expected to pay. Recriminations from relatives for losing the family business, from employees for costing them their jobs, from suppliers who will have to either lose their business or else everyone else's, as well as losing her own job. I haven't had to face a choice like that but seeing it written down makes me think I'd try to find some weasel way to cut myself loose from the whole affair. I'm ashamed of this, but I can't blame anyone else for capitulating. My assumption here is that they more or less agree with him, of course, and that's just my assumption; maybe they do suck. I really hate the unearned power these perverts have.

The problem is that this is solely kept going by the capitulation. If everyone just stopped that, it would fall to pieces.