Oh wow that is so, so bleak.

Anyone who still thinks they (TRAs) are on “right side of history” as they so commonly state need to have a think about this.

Silencing and shutting people down has never, ever led to a good place.

In the replies someone posted an announcement by the university saying they are 'investigating complaints made' against the feminist society. Who bets its about tRansPhobIAAA?

Some members of Swansea Feminist Society attended a rally organised by ourselves, Labour Women's Declaration, Lesbian Labour, Women's Declaration International, LGB Alliance Cymru and Women's Rights Network - Wales. The rally was to support Jennifer Swayne, arrested and held overnight for stickering. I wonder if that will be included in the charges.

We had the privilege of posting a piece from Swansea Feminist Society on our website early this year.