following last weeks downtime, i assume this is related to keffals.

with it down, eyes will be on places like here as the next target.

put this in cancelled as not sure where it fits better, its an attempt to cancel an entire forum.....

https://blog.cloudflare.com/kiwifarms-blocked/ following last weeks downtime, i assume this is related to keffals. with it down, eyes will be on places like here as the next target. put this in cancelled as not sure where it fits better, its an attempt to cancel an entire forum.....


Note to commenters: Ovarit does not allow linking to KiwiFarms. KiwiFarms is a site that doxes people and linking to it violates the rules.

We allow discussion about various events, but the Sitewide Rules always apply.

Is there good evidence that it does this? Any information I can remember seeing on there was not merely public, but publicized information and there are explicit rules on the site.

We will never forget that you ran a Discord server called “The Catboy Ranch” where terminally online NEETs and minors were groomed, Keffals.

We will never forget that you sent your favorite “catboys” collar tags that marked them as your property.

We will never forget that you monetarily supported your partner’s DIY hormone directory, or that your partner bragged about hooking kids up with HRT without their parents’ knowledge.

Most of all, we will never forget that YOU ARE A MAN.

Can you imagine if the internet cared as much about the violent misogyny casually thrown about everywhere as it did about misgendering?

[+] [Deleted] 71 points

"Due to an imminent and emergency threat to human life, the content of this site is blocked from being accessed through Cloudflare’s infrastructure. "

And people think I'm a conspiracy theorist nutter because I don't swallow what the media, government, and big corporations online and in real life put in front of me.

Even if there were an imminent and emergency threat to anyone's life, which I frankly doubt, shutting down an internet forum to allay that makes about as much logical sense, as, well, the worldwide covid response.

[–] GenderHeretic 67 points Edited

Facebook and Twitter never get shut down when there's an imminent threat to someone life, eg. credible death threats, suicide livestreams.

LOL. Men threatening to kill themselves if they don't get their way is now being taken as a literal threat to human life and not just abusive gaslighting. There's nothing that can't get taken down if this is the standard.

[–] crodish 40 points Edited

Imagine if viewing a fucking website that you looked up yourself caused an iMmiNeNt aNd EmErGeNcY tHrEaT tO hUmAn LiFe jesus lmao

This isn't The Ring where viewing something gives you a week to live

Edit: Suicide is self-inflicted. It might be exacerbated by external factors, and mental distress is no joke. But suicide is not murder. If these people threaten to kill themselves, and then go ahead and do it, that's on them. This applies for ALL victims of suicide. And I'm sorry that people feel so desperately that they have to resort to this, as someone that wants to kill myself daily, but that is no one's fault but the person's own. Asshole TRAs using it as a leverage and an emotional abuse card, regardless of their intent to follow through with it or not, contributes to the same fucking stigma that surrounds why no one thinks depression is serious or should be talked about properly. I've never seen a group more proud or happy to declare they feel suicidal at the drop of a hat to the point where it is a repeating reason for gofundmes to inflict more self harm on themselves via surgeries that solve jack shit. Every fucking one is depressed now, every one doesn't feel safe because a stranger on the internet didn't affirm their pronouns. Fuck all of you.

If people actually cared, women commiting suicide en masse across the world would have stopped the trans movement in its tracks. But no, they'll encourage it AND contribute to the rate of women dying if anything else. No one fucking cares about anyone committing suicide unless it's a trans person, and especially if it's a TIM. No one gives a shit about TIFs that offed themselves. I fucking wonder why. Even in death no one escapes their sex based oppression.

[–] dove 17 points

Agreed with suicide being self-inflicted, I genuinely don't care if a person claims they'll hurt/kill themselves because of another person. It's one of the most disgusting manipulation tactics. The fact that TRAs are making it seem like a 'reasonable' way to get what they want is so fucking sick.

This standard is unevenly applied. Lots of people get doxed via Twitter and reddit. Lots of illegal shit (like child porn and revenge porn) have been posted to those sites as well. But they're not disciplined for that because they're major players and they have the "correct politics". So nobody cares

What I find interesting is of ALL the things on kiwi farms (and there’s some vile stuff on there, threads about special needs kids, woman hating, racism etc) and what took them down is the documenting of literal correct information about these groups of people. Not just nasty behaviour just to be mean and talk shit but documentation of this group of mens behaviour

There’s a level of totalitarianism that’s pretty scary

Josh is working on bringing the TOR site back online, ovarit and mumsnet are already heavily self-censored but will also be attacked. After that they will censor Twitter, Youtube and Facebook even more, after that they will go after smaller forums in countries like germany, sweden ,france with non-english languages.

The internet will die

The good thing amidst all of this is that Keffals will nonetheless never be a woman.

[–] sohh 47 points

Wow, interesting piece that he wrote.

This bit jumped out at me:

DoS attacks are cheap. Botnet resellers are easy to find. They're easy to use. However, they are not cheap to mitigate. A 10Gbps attack costs less than $100 for a month, but a 10Gbps line costs $750/mo. 10Gbps-capable routers costs thousands. That is already excessive, but attacks frequently top 100Gbps or even 1000Gbps. Few companies can handle this job. Those companies come under intense political scrutiny. Cloudflare is the biggest, and I use them.

Maybe it's just that KF became too expensive to protect given how it's regularly under DDOS attack, and to an extreme extent these last couple weeks.

It feels like the terrorists have won. I feel so depressed right now.

They can’t win, they can’t even put their damn party city wigs on right.

You can win a battle but you can’t win a war. Women always find a way. They can silence the internet and invade all our spaces but they can never actually stop us. That’s how we got those spaces in the first place.

[–] dove 45 points

You know how practically all KiwiFarms users were against Keffals? They still are. It's not like everyone suddenly loves Keffals now, just because one website got blocked. Besides, the new articles will make people curious, and many people have already been introduced to Keffals due to this drama. Even if KF doesn't come back (it will), they'll just invade other sites to talk about him, which will make people in other spaces learn of him. He can't silence us.

[–] sohh 64 points Edited

Honestly, the articles are super suspicious, too. Washington Post, as people on other sites are documenting, literally published a triumphant article about the defeat of KF minutes after the block went into effect.

These people aren't even trying to hide how they're working behind the scenes to prop up this agenda. The general public will have enough of it at some point. Might take a while for the scales to tip in the US, but they will. Humanity always self-corrects, and gender ideology is one of the grossest mistakes we've made in a long time.

Me too.

Pedophilia and sniff films don’t don’t get sites taken down, but offend the most vulnerable and powerless? You’re finished.

"You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea" -

The terrorists have not won. The ideas will still be out there even if all of the internet forums are taken offline.

Since joining GC and radfem communities, I've "met" so many amazingly smart, driven, brave women. We will find ways to disseminate, educate, and communicate. They cannot and will not silence us all. That I have full faith in.

A friend of mine once said that Enlightenment, democracy and free speech never have been the norm through human history and that it is all gonna end soon. He is probably right. I sometimes wonder though wether the west will die of it's endless sickness and gluttony or if there will be normie backlash once they really go after your kids.

I am rereading that article right now and it is as good as I remember it. Give it a try.

[–] naiiad-bee 13 points Edited

Tyranny isn't either, though, is it? Neither is the internet, or concrete walls, or even "civilization" (expansion of cities and imperialism of nature/rural communities) itself... These are all recent inventions and connected together, used by men to gain power for themselves. But there have been times in our human history when these phenomenons were NOT the "norm" either, and I do not believe the lies ("history") of men which they use to conjure some excuse of the human race being "naturally" misogynistic, or tyrannical, or oppressive.

They've constructed falsified narratives of history and human nature time and time again for their own convenience and navel-gazing and continued exploitation.

Josh is working on bringing the TOR site back online

We should do the same. I've been saying this for months. If not on Tor then somewhere cleaner and nicer like Zeronet.

[+] [Deleted] 18 points

Thanks for linking that article. Its an interesting (if depressing) take

Reminder that we've had multiple men rant and rave about shooting up various locations full of various minorities online and yet the FBI only ever meekly kicks rocks and mutters "He was on our radar" after they go and shoot up various locations full of various minorities. Meanwhile a stupid internet forum gets muzzled for making the trafia mad.

Like congrats, Keffals. You really pulled out that white male privilege!

[–] Medusa91 28 points Edited

I literally just made a comment about this. Like of ALL the things on the New Zealand fruit farm the straight up documentation of these men and their online behaviour that they themselves posted is what got them taken offline

Edited to add I don’t mean for my comment to sound rude I’m just jumping off what you said

[–] xy_equals_guy 44 points Edited

I am so disgusted by Cloudfare bowing to terrorists. "Imminent and emergency threat to human life" - words typed on the internet are a threat to human life? No wonder Cloudfare "couldn't" wait to find out what law enforcement say, because they would find nothing.

I am part of group that will be setting up a website soon, and hope there is a way to boycott them.

[–] hontrapoints 44 points Edited

Hmm, very interesting that US-based Cloudflare just so happened to block KF on the a Saturday afternoon during a three-day holiday weekend. That's not weird at all. Why ya'll even at work right now?

The threat to life was just so imminent! From people laughing at embarrassing internet personalities.

They did it during a holiday weekend because they didn't want to deal with complaints from Josh or any KF defenders right after dropping KF

I am sorry I don’t see the significance?

Something like this might be less likely to get attention if it happens on a weekend.

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