Kiwifarms may have been canceled over a post on a different website by a single user.

https://ibb.co/1TBDncs Kiwifarms may have been canceled over a post on a different website by a single user.


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You know, KF makes fun of fat women solely for being fat. They make fun of disabled people for being disabled. They mock Jewish people and minorities of all kinds. They make fun of ugly people. They make fun of all kinds of people.

But TIP are apparently the one kind of people they cannot mock.

They are above all criticism, condemnation, even above the law.

I truly wonder why.

They say some truly vile awful things there. I started browsing because I left a religious cult and they had a thread there documenting religious families doing insane things (ex. Duggars) and seeing so many ppl mock it honestly helped me realize how absurd my life had been and that people DO notice the insanity going on. The 'innocent' people involved usually get encouragement and care, so minors in the situation etc. Not that it is okay to mock people, but I am glad a space to do so exists. A shocking amount of empathy exists there too, like in the disabled children portion. People bash the parents rubbing MLM oil in the eyes of a near brain dead kid instead of taking her to a doctor. Compassion for the kid, hate for the parent. Thr drsmond is amazing thread is just people spewing hate for the mother abusong and sexualizing her child and messages of encouragement and care for desmond himself. It is so insane to see both incredible putrid hate coupled with more empathy than some parts of society seem to have?

Now there are more people there who really love taking the insults and slurs way too far and so many racist threads and slurs to sift through too. Not condoning that whatsoever. But I personally am of the opinion that allowing that speech to exist both lowers the attraction and value of the 'forbidden' and shows easily the worth of a person willing to speak that way, allowing me to dismiss them and being free to do so in the open.

Free speech matters, I hate to admit it but I have been glued to the drama. It is a moment in internet history unfolding.

Fully agree. KF had people from all over the spectrum, like any corner of the internet, and one of the things (maybe the only thing, when I think about it) that I liked about it is that it shone a brilliant, high-def light on some of the darkest, most evil corners of the internet and exposed some of the foulest people -- some of the people who were genuinely involved in awful, abusive things.

I'm not particularly happy that they've been silenced -- or at the very least, forced to go elsewhere.

I'm also not particularly happy that a group of unstable, narcissistic, abusive, violent TIMs were the ones who made that happen, and now, full of themselves and their feelings of victory, will be setting their sights on anything and anyone that displeases them going forward. At what point will they be happy? When the internet is nothing but brony porn, diaper porn, and DD/lg filth?

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I think what's most alarming about this, and is common whenever tech censors for the benefit of TIPs, is that Cloudflare didn't merely suspend the services it was offering to KF. They full-on censored the site beyond their purview. This is the same shit that Wordpress pulled with Gendertrender and Fourth Wave Now. In the former case, they shut the site down without warning and tried to keep Gallus Mag from accessing any of the content. In the latter case, they went into a Fourth Wave Now post and censored parts of it without informing the site's owner.

These companies don't have to host content they don't like, but they continually go way beyond simply firing clients.

Null is also delusional if he thinks Cloudflare will back down from this. They've gone full Orwell, and there's no turning back from it without losing face.

They follow Reddit rules.

Speak misogyny, defend lolicon, spew hatred- go ahead, we’re all free here.

Say “I believe in womens only spaces-“ ban.

This is because the online world is often dominated by TIPs, perpetually online people absorbed in their own self-important navel-gazing.

And these people really do lot care about anyone else. They’re on the hunt, trying to find someone who calls Demi Lovato “she” so they can pounce on them with a claim about how they literally just wanted to kill the selves over this person’s aggression. Any other shitty statements that don’t affect them, they ignore, for the most part. Their goal isn’t greater tolerance, it’s domination.

I went there for the very first time yesterday and backed all the fuck the way out. The first thing I saw was extremely racist rants. I'd never heard of them before this, I hope this isn't the gender critical scene.

I mean, the only part of KF that may be considered GC is...drum roll...the boards that GC women have fled to (otherwise known as what used to be Rat Kings, where women can say controversial things like "men can't be women"). Much of the rest of the site, to use the terminology, is absolutely haram (although the Russell Greer thread is a wonder to experience). It's a lie to say KF is some bastion of GC utopia, or even good, but it's also a lie to say that there are people there planning to kill/stalk/hurt trans people, which is the narrative keffals is pushing. Comments promoting violence get mocked and/or shut down quickly.

I mean, the only part of KF that may be considered GC is...drum roll...the boards that GC women have fled to

And the TRAs don't realize that they're just driving people to more radicalized spaces when they ban anyone who expresses even mild GC opinions

KF is not 'the gender critical scene', wtf? They just document internet drama and the conversations surrounding it vary wildly. The only 'GC' overlap is that they keep tabs on dangerous AGPs, TIMs, and the trans cult in general. They ALSO poke fun at plenty of 'GC' feminists and others, so it's certainly not 'pro' GC or anything like that. It's just a free for all, 'free speech' place that runs the gamut of horribleness. The one and only reason it's important that it doesn't get memory-holed is because a huge amount of trans insanity from well over the last decade has been documented and archived there. Basicaly, they have 'the receipts', and the trans cult wants nothing more than to bury those forever.

Yeah me too. They seem like a bunch of assholes, especially the way they target individuals.

KF makes fun of fat women solely for being fat

so far every one of them also has enough other traits that make em lolworthy.

They make fun of disabled people for being disabled.

Which one? Russel Greer?

Exactly, kf users are far from saints but they don't create threads for anyone just for being one thing. Lolcows need to have shown some pretty deranged behavior in order to get their own thread

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so far every one of them also has enough other traits that make em lolworthy.

literally every single one. imagine if chantal and amberlynn's only crimes were being fat lol. kf has specific rules about creating threads, one of which is that the person has to have a lot of shit to talk about. "lol fat" isn't thread-worthy

Chantal is a special breed. Do you know the video were she talks about what she did with the bathroom of the couple she visited?

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I said it in the last thread but it shows the power of the trans lobby.

All the things that cloudfare hosts, they host ISIS, all sorts of degeneracy, even KF itself had objectively far more offensive threads than the ones about trans people. As far as I know cloudfare also hosts works with 4chan which has groomed several mass shooters and they’re still around?

There’s a reason that America’s first amendment is the right to free speech.

They host 4chan? There's literally child exploitation material, gore, and way more extreme ideologies on there. But nope, KF archiving the wrongdoings of trans people is terrible.

4chan has a whole board for trans people, so they get a pass. /lgbt/, which in reality is just /tttt/

I could be wrong about 4chan (and someone will soon correct me if I am) I know they dropped 8chan but tbh I have zero idea how any of those sites work and any time I’ve ever looked at them I’ve given up after about 3 mins lol.

tbh I have zero idea how any of those sites work and any time I’ve ever looked at them I’ve given up after about 3 mins lol.

Ditto. The layouts on chan sites are a headache to read. I don't know how anyone uses them.

An account that only ever posted about fart porn dude posted a ridiculous threat against fart porn dude that was immediately Tweeted by fart porn dude and that got Cloudflare to take down the website just like fart porn dude wanted?

Hmm. Something smells suspicious.

Keffals is was and always will be a man and there's nothing he can do about it lol

He knows he's still a man because an actual woman wouldn't be listened to if she complained about people being mean to her on the internet

Hell, a sitting American congresswoman wasn't able to shut down KF. But some castrated Canadian dude and his chaser army managed to do it. And we're supposed to believe that TIMs are the most helpless and oppressed people on earth.....

He knows he's not a woman. He just wants to be part of the priest class. He wants to be a man with boobs and a vagina.

Keffals paid someone to remove his ability to coom and he will never get it back. No wonder he rages so impotently.

He’s such a loser, honestly. What a wierd, pathetic little man

He's on borrowed time and he knows it. He's getting too much attention and money and the other cultists are getting frustrated. They'll turn on him soon.

I'm imagining a scene like in the lion king where the hyenas eat scar except replace keffals with scar and all his groomed cat boy 15 year olds are the hyenas.

So my take on this is this is probably a cover story, and some behind the scenes pressure been used to scare cloudflare.

This is a false flag by a virtually unused account,being using the pretext.

The TIMs and against hate subreddits pulled bullshit like this all the time. Starting sock puppets up to post outrageous threats and porn to get subs shut down.

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Is anyone surprised by this - TRAs are known to use such dirty tactics to bring down gender-critical webpages.

/r/AgainstHateSubs moderators - all of them TIMs of course - kept a secret Discord for years, in which they orchestrated "attacks" on subreddits they wanted to take down. If the content on the subreddit they wanted gone wasn't sensational enough, their solution was to post child pornography en masse when the sub owners were asleep; and report it all before it got taken down.

This isn't a conspiracy theory - it's proven.

If you think 4chan being lumped together with kiwifarms is a coincidence, well, I don't. I wouldn't even be surprised to hear if the content that was featured on keffals' anti-kiwifarms campaign was ALL posted by TRAs.

Never in my life did I expect to be defending kiwifarms btw. I find the website rude and not to my liking. I think it's silly to ridicule trans people based on their physical appearance - what are we, 5th graders? TIMs being ugly and dressing in a distasteful manner is NOT the issue here. But even gentler and more scholarly and cerebral forms of gender criticism got banned from any other major social media platform: super-straights were kicked off TikTok, Graham Linehan lost his twitter account, /r/GenderCritical got kicked off reddit. I think everyone should be allowed on the internet, rude or not rude.

post a fake threat on 4chan, go after KF and threaten Ovarit instead

TIMs are incels in dresses. They won't go after 4chan because it has all the things they like. Violence, misogyny, racism, gore, porn, CP, and their own board to share tips and tricks with each other on how to be terrible people without leaving a paper trail. If KF cracked down on specifically talking about TIM behavior like they do everywhere including 4chan, they would be championing that site, doxxing and all.

They managed to block access through the main domain name, but KF itself is still up and running! Apparently I'm not allowed to say more.

Seeing what's happened to KF just reinforces the wisdom of Ovarit's no-doxing rule. They're going to call us haters regardless of how gently we critique gender ideology, but they'll never be able to honestly accuse the site of doxing.

Us disagreeing with them while being women is enough to get this site taken down.

The people who did this are targeting Ovarit next. Not allowing doxing won't save us. Only proper planning will do that.

What exactly are they planning, if you know?

The people who were involved in the hashtag campaign over on Twitter are currently posting their intention to target Mumsnet and Ovarit next. The social pressure campaign was just one layer of the overall effort and not the crucial one, but this is a public forum anyone can read and I'm not about to give anyone here any ideas.

It doesn't matter. They'll just make shit up. Or they'll do what they did with KF and get an account here just to post doxing, threats, slurs, and other things that are against the rules.

TRAs already use edited and out of context Ovarit posts as "proof" that we're all racist or antisemites or whatever. What's stopping them from doing the same with doxing posts?

Honesty has never been a requirement for TRAs to succeed in harming women, but I hope that may change.

In the end the individuals themselves don't really matter anyway. The cultural deference to TIMs and their every demand is what harms women as a class.

Oh, so this was done by the TRAs. I am not surprised they sent themselves death threats to get the site taken down. These are the same types of people that posted child porn on Reddit to take down subs they didn’t like.

Yeah, I heard of AHS doing that to conservative subs, but afaik it's just word of mouth.

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