Cloudflare keeps websites online by offering cloud-based services, as well as protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that could take sites down. The company says it counts about 25% of websites on the internet as clients.

Ok, Cloudflare. Now that you yeeted KF for "hate speech", are you going to do the same for any site under your umbrella that regularly engages in misogyny, antisemitism, racism, sharing violent (and possibly illegal) porn, etc? Or does this only apply to KF because it made one White TIM and his chaser army angry?

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This is exactly what happened and why people celebrating it have a misplaced joy. The idea Keffals can just go around demanding companies do what he wants under the guise of transphobia and death threats not conclusively linked to KF is highly problematic.

KF is terrible in their language but they have been recording the actions of TIMs from the beginning in a meticulous manner. Keffals fart porn and proof of his DIY bathtub hormones is here. I wonder why he wanted it down?

By allowing Cloudfare to operate, which technically they can as a private entity, without any rules, they will basically change what is on the Internet.

The people celebrating the death of KF also fail to realize that it wasn't taken down due to the hate speech or the doxing. It was taken down because ONE man with a large fan base and the ear of the mainstream media threw a tantrum and harassed Cloudflare until they relented. And then his minions proceeded to play wack-a-mole with Kiwi Farms and harass any subsequent company that provided them hosting services. Even if one believes that KF deserved to go down; it sets a scary precedent for any other site that expresses views that Prince Keffals deems "problematic"

This is important. It wasn't that someone or some group submitted a thoughtful, reasoned argument and Cloudflare said "you know what? You're right, it's in the public good to shut this down."

I'm a free speech absolutist, so even this wouldn't thrill me, but it would suggest there were principles involved, and thus that sites could be shut down for misogyny, racism, etc.

What happened was that the largest mob made (and executed) credible threats against Cloudflare so they folded. It's a win for the mob, and absolutely nothing else.

Here “hate speech” is simply code for “anything TIMs don’t like to hear”

It’s very telling that Cloudflare only dropped Kiwi Farms when the Keffals scandal happened and ONLY after that guy pitched a fit about it. Kiwi Farms was allowed to do its thing for years and nobody took it down for anything else it did. So saying that they did it to combat “hate speech” is bullshit.

Also, 4chan is arguably more racist than Kiwi Farms and is still allowed to exist. How come these same people who are so concerned about racism haven’t taken down 4chan? I’d argue that 4chan has been more dangerous than Kiwi Farms because 4chan actively encouraged trolling in the past while Kiwis never have approved of it.

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I know it's a rhetorical question, but in case anybody reading wasn't aware -- 4chan is very pro TRA, they have an LGBT board that's all T and basically just groomer central. So yeah, they'll stay up. Because the issue was never about racism or sexism or other actual forms of bigotry.

Kiwi farms angered a bunch of straight white men with hentai fetishes by exposing their misconduct. That is the group of people being protected here. Pro TRA sites can continue using whatever slurs or hate speech they want so long as they don't reveal the reality of the new priest caste