The group fights to center children in all discussions about them:


The group fights to center children in all discussions about them: [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11239733/Now-PayPal-cancels-account-parents-group-fought-schools-open-Covid-MPs-hear.html](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11239733/Now-PayPal-cancels-account-parents-group-fought-schools-open-Covid-MPs-hear.html)


PayPal are getting very bad for interfering with peoples opinions. Very scary.

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There should have been vastly more outcry at the freezing of bank accounts related to the Canadian trucker's protests, some of people who had merely made small donations.

Even if you utterly despised their cause or their tactics, it's setting a horrific precedent when wrongthink and peacful (albeit disruptive) protest is attacked by such authoritarian means.

And we should be scared of a future where banks and credit card companies will entirely 'deplatform' an individual if a small but vocal mob does a good enough job of branding them as bad people.

I feel like there must have been some memo sent out among Big Tech and adjacent companies because this is all happening very quickly now.

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Go against any narrative (covid, trans, etc) and you're an enemy of the establishment

KF goes down, PP axes users, Twitch is ok with full blown live porn but not streamers heckling their mods, Twitter bans Trump but the Taliban is still on their platform. What else am I missing 🤔