The review was published two years ago in the Guardian, and it begins with this: Some men have for years been trying to deny women the right to their own safe spaces.

Would the Guardian allow that now when there's rather widespread agreement on the progressive left that women should not have single-sex safe spaces?

The deleterious effects of these online misogyny bubbles are enormous. It's now a fact that any ideology, no matter how evil and harmful, gets a support group online where mentally disordered people are told that their untrue beliefs in fact are true and that extreme moves are perfectly fine against the rest of the society.

The incel sites are all like that and so are the other similar ones. And that's how some mass murderers are created.

This is next on my list. Just gotta finish the Poppy War trilogy.

I don't like the term "toxic masculinity" either. It implies that there is such a thing as non-toxic masculinity, but the truth is that all gender is toxic, both feminity and masculinity. As long as we keep deviding behaviors and characteristics into "masculine" and "feminine" - and I am not talking biology here, but articifial cultural markers that change over time - we have a toxic stew in which men and women can never truly know each other.

Yeh it’s really bizarre to say ‘toxic masculinity’ so much, like it’s so nebulous. I don’t really get what ‘toxic femininity’ would be either and it’s so vague it’s rightly barely said

IMO ‘toxic masculinity’ is a way for men to absolve themselves of responsibility for being violent dicks. They just blame ‘the culture’ for somehow forcing them to have 99999x higher violence/crime/murder rates than women ACROSS CULTURE.

So it’s not ‘toxic masculinity’ but more accurately it’s that ‘men are toxic’ and need to be extra careful to reign themselves in. Old fashioned people said ‘women are the fairer sex’ which I thought was sexist but I have no doubt now that women are simply kinder and better and this phrase means men have always known they are the brutes deep down

I agree with you that the term 'toxic masculinity' allows men to shirk responsibility for their actions and their attitudes. But doesn't saying "men are toxic" do the same thing? Their response would be "well, we're toxic anyway, so deal with it."

Hm I see your point, but if I know I have a weakness then I can try fix it myself rather than blame everyone else and expect society too fix it for me

When masculinity is defined as not-what-femininity-is and vice versa, we are in trouble. All people share that 'human being and individual' part, which is really downplayed currently, partly, because both the far right and the far left now support the ideas of femininity and masculinity as innate things.

"Femininity" and "masculinity" used to mean "the quality of being female" and "the quality of being male" respectively. I think that inasmuch as a non-toxic femininity and masculinity could possibly exist, they'd simply be going back to the sex-based definitions of those words.

"pathetic man-babyism". I can get behind that as a label for these spoiled, ineffective whiners who lash out at women.