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I'd love to hear more about her perspective on gender abolitionism. Without having read the book yet, my feeling is that it's not enough to remedy the harms to women's rights that have been done by the trans movement. TIPs aren't just trying to be feminine men or maculine women. That's gender nonconformity, and no one has a problem with that (except maybe some ultra-conservatives). TIPs literally want to transform into the opposite sex, in both form and function. Particularly TIMs. TIFs may be more amenable to what GCs have to offer.

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This is such a good point that I hadn't thought much about. Are you saying that if we did abolish gender (whatever that might mean), then there would still be some/many/most (?) TIPs wanting to 'change sex' or 'live as the other sex' -- i.e. actual transseualism? It's hard to imagine that world, mainly because it's hard to imagine a gender-norms free world.

Do you know of any radfem analysis that grapples with this, i.e. gender abolition might end something called transgenderism but then we'll just be stuck with ... transsexualism? I need to read 'Gender Hurts', wondering if Jeffreys deals with it.

I don't know of any analyses that cover this, but let me know how Gender Hurts is if you get to it before I do!

SulphuricMirror above gets at the root of my beliefs. I don't think a gender norm-free world is possible because those norms are rooted in real biological differences. Of course, norms don't have to be as restrictive or demeaning as they are today, but the sexes will always be regarded differently. That's what it is that TIPs can't stand because they have an identity crisis and believe that they need to fundamentally change what they are to feel better. What bigger change can a person make than transforming into the opposite sex?