I will read the book. But feminism in the past had many groups-from the radical feminists to the NOW feminists to the "I'm not a feminist but...". Most ppl will probably fall under GC rather than radical feminism. Gender stereotypes may be a means of who has power over who, but denying any biological basis isn't going to work either. Eg.- males of many species ARE more aggressive- it is part of their reproductive imperative- they don't fight for access to females because they are bored. The primacy of the female in the survival of children is biologically based-from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

My experience was finding my way to a GC space where radical feminists are, learning more about the issues with which radfems concern themselves, and finding myself in agreement with some of the major ones. I think GC feminists are going to be pretty solid allies of radfems if not fully in agreement. You just can't help it. Once you're peaked, you start looking at everything quite a bit more critically.