It has been very interesting reading and listening to different women’s reactions to Lawford-Smith’s book. So far I haven’t run into any woman who has denied that its publication is a genuine accomplishment and recognizes her determination and grit dealing with the shit she has been stuck with, whether or not they agree with Lawford-Smith’s arguments as developed so far, and I think that says a great deal.

I do feel like compared to others perhaps I read a different review, because it does strike me as substantive, though not as detailed as I might like – there are clearly word limits that had to be managed on this one. Perhaps because of being a historian myself, I sympathize with critiques of Lawford-Smith seeming to omit important links in the chain of work and writing that connects to her own, but I also think she too must have been dealing with space constraints in terms of how many pages the book could be. She has more to write yet besides, so it is probable that she will be building on this book in future.