Slightly disappointing to read the article and find out that Margaret Cavendish herself isn't included in the list :( Margaret the First is a charming novel and I recommend it, but I will put in a plug for Margaret herself--who has the distinction of being arguably the first SF author (a trip to an alien planet!) as well as presenting a cogent and coherent intellectual challenge to the Newtonian worldview.

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I can only imagine that the author figured—correctly, for you and me and likely this whole circle—that Margaret Cavendish is a well-known quantity, and therefore that the column inches would be better spent on someone lesser known.

Sadly, while I know Cavendish's name, I couldn't have named one of her novels, while Anne Carson and Carmen Maria Machado are very popular right now.

And she wasn't just a novelist - Margaret Cavendish also wrote poetry, drama, biography, letters, as well as works on natural philosophy.

Oh intriguing. Thanks for posting.

"Chapbook" is a new one for me, btw... seems that's basically somewhere between "short story" and "novella"?

Had i seen the word "chapbook" in almost any article other than this one, i'd have read it as, essentially, "bro-book" (US) / "lad-book" (UK)—with a fair amount of surprise, given that the bro/laddie demographic of 'chaps' isn't exactly known for being voracious readers.