As long as the press has a distributor in your country, it should be possible to order it through your local bookstore, if there is one. (I used to live in a town where there wasn't one, so understand that's not a given!)

Now to figure out where to buy this. I don’t shop Amazon but I can’t have my friendly local bookseller knowing I’m a TERF either 🙄 Maybe it’s time to hit up Barnes and Noble, where I usually never shop.

Edit: it’s not on BN or Powell’s. I’ll try Book Depository, but as they canceled my order for Kathleen Stock’s book I’m not optimistic. There’s another independent shop near me but they’re even more woke than my usual. I might try another local place, a little farther off, that is more mainstream.

The book just came out and it's from a smaller press, so it's possible other retailers besides Amazon might sell it in future. But I can't seem to find it anywhere besides Amazon right now.

She did say on Twitter that she has ebook and audiobook versions coming out in a few weeks as well.